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Unity of God

Unity of God This seems to be a rather simple and elementary concept. It should not be difficult for anybody to understand the oneness of God, and there the matter seems to rest. But in fact there is far more to this than meets the eye. When one examines the c...

Treatment of Women in Islam

Treatment of Women in Islam The Islamic teaching about treatment of women is one of the most misunderstood. Western women generally view Muslim women as repressed and deprived of their rights. The media portrays the stereotypical Muslim woman as fully covered...

Tolerance in Islam

Tolerance in Islam The Holy Qur’an clearly stresses the importance of religious freedom. There is no compulsion in the matters of religion. Faith is an individual concern and commitment, between you and the One God. “There should be no compulsion...

God vs The Devil

God vs The Devil  Another question that comes into play when you discuss the belief in a living God, is the role of the ‘devil’. The idea constantly being portrayed is that of God taking the good souls and the devil taking the bad souls. This battl...

Does God Exist?

Does God Exist? We are delighted to inform you that now the certificates that we issue are certified, which means they are recognised and can be used for employment etc.  We are also giving Student Transcripts along with the certificates. We have now co...

Belief in a Living God

Belief in a Living God These days many people question whether God exists? How can we proof the existence of God? Today I wish to cover ‘Belief in a Living God’. This is from Stage Three of the free Islamic Online Course:- The Islamic teachings inform...



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